Matilda the musical: Cambridge theatre

This is truly a family friendly show and there really is something for everyone. Whether you are there with children or not, this story will surely bring back plenty of fond childhood memories. There was not a moment of dullness, the scene sequences were well planned and the spoken dialogues were just as entertaining as the songs.

The dance sequences in the “school song” and “Revolting Children” were mesmerising. “School song” in particular, was extremely well done. I viewed this number as one of the most difficult to perfect due to the fact that the actors seemed to have to depend on near perfect synchronisation with the score and their dance routines to determine the exact moment to move from one grid to another.

The adult actors’ performances were outstanding as expected, but I did not expect the children to perform to the same standard. However, I could not be more wrong. Perhaps it is due to their faithfulness to the basics that allowed them to be fearless in their performance. Certainly from what I could tell, their singings were in time with the accompanying music and their diction extremely crisp.

The opening number should be eye (ear) catching and set the pace for the rest of the show. Though I did enjoy the opening number “Miracle”, I found it difficult to grasp what the lyrics were at times due to the many overlapping vocal lines in parts of the song. However, I believe this can be resolved easily with a little bit more care to pronunciation and dictation. The rest of the show was simply marvelously magical that you can easily overlook the words you might have missed in the opening.

Matilda Shapland put up a fantastic performance and I have nothing but praise to her portrayal of Matilda Wormwood. Indeed, the skills and passion she demonstrated was truly admirable and it would not be surprising if her performance had inspired young children to enter the acting/music profession.

After seeing this show, it is now clear why it has received praise from so many. Of course, the actors and actresses were not the only wonderful aspect of this show. The scenic design, choreography and lightings were also fantastic. It is by far, one of the best musicals I have seen recently and I cannot wait to see this again.

Overal score: 4/5


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